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Using login on DigiCert portal to request a personal client certificate

  1. Login on using the login provided by your IT department;
  2. Select in the menu "Orders -> Request a certificate";
  3. Select "Client Certificates tab";
  4. Select one type of certificate among the 3 choices :
    • Digital Signature Plus;
    • Email Security Plus;
    • Premium

    Prefere the Premium one;

  5. Click on the blue button "Order now';
  6. Choose the values or fill in the fields present on the request page (the one marked with a "*" are mandatory:
    1. Validity perdiod (between 1 and 3 years);
    2. Organization;
    3. Organization Unit (example: Physics Department, Biology Project...);
    4. Signature Hash (SHA-256 is default and probably OK for most of the requests);
    5. Automatic Renewal (by default, it is not automatically renewed, choose whatever is best for you);
    6. Recipient Details :
      1. Recipient Name: put here your name, suggested format: Forename Lastname (ie: Jan Dupont);
      2. Recipient Email : put here your email address associated with your certificate (ie:;
      3. Recipient CSR : is optional and will probably never need to be used.
  7. Click on blue button "Submit Request".
  8. A last screen gives you the status of your request;
  9. An email has now been sent by DigiCert to the provided email address:
    It contains a link you need to click on to be able to generate your certificate.
  10. Going to the provided link, you will need to check the box "I agree to the terms of the subscriber agreement", and then the button "Generate Certificate" on the bottom of the page;
  11. After a second, you get a message saying that your certificate has been generated; your certificate is installed in your brower's certificates repository (see further section to see how to get it and use in your email client.