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How to use personal certificate in Thunderbird ?

First, you need to retrieve your certificate from your browser; see this page to know how to do it.

  1. Open your Thunderbird application;
  2. Open Thunderbird's preferences;
  3. Click on "Advanced";
  4. Select the "Certificates" tab;
  5. Click on button "View the Certificates";
  6. Click on the "Your certificates" tab;
  7. Click on the button "Import...";
  8. Select the PKCS#12 file you have previously saved your certificate in;
  9. Enter the password you have typed in to encrypt your file;
  10. You can now see your imported certificate in the previous list of "Your certificates";
  11. Close the windows with the "Advanced settings" and the "Preferences" windows as well;
  12. Open Thunderbird's "Account Settings";
  13. select the Account you want to use the certificate for;
  14. select "Security" within the account's options;
  15. you have now on the right side, 2 buttons to select your certificate, one for the signature of emails, and a second one for the encryption;
  16. click on both button, and select the imported certificate in the selection window;
  17. you may now click on the checkbox "Digitally sign emails"; this will permit to sign all the messages you'll sent automatically;