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Request a code signing certificate

  1. Login on using the login provided by your IT department;
  2. Select in the menu "Order -> Request a certificate";
  3. Select "Code Signing Certificates tab";
  4. Select one type of certificate among the 2 choices :
    • Code Signing;
    • EV Code Signing.

    Here we select the simple Code Signing one;

  5. Click on the blue button "Order now';
  6. Choose the values or fill in the fields present on the request page (the one marked with a "*" are mandatory:
    1. Organization;
    2. Organization Unit (example: Physics Department, Biology Project...);
    3. Validity period (1,2 or 3 years);
    4. Signature Hash (SHA-256 is default and probably OK for most of the requests);
    5. Subject Email (the associated email address);
    6. Order Option : you need to choose for which platform the certificate is intended to be;
      Right after, a text field will appear in which you could either paste you CSR or click on "Click to upload a CSR" link to select a file containing thr CSR;
  7. Click on the blue button "Submit Certificate Request";<:li>
  8. Your local administrators people will receive an email to confirm your request
  9. After their authorisation, you will receive your certificate by email.