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Revokation of Comodo's certificates

To revoke your old certificate from our previous provider, Comodo, you'll need to go to following URL :

The interface will look familiar to you because it is the interface you've used to manage your Comodo's certificates for years, the only difference is that, now, it is no possible to request new certificate anymore.

To revoke your certificates :

  • use the "login" button to access the site (with the credentials you've used before)
  • click on your institution (in the panel on the right side)
  • (if page is not properly displayed, click on "List certificates" in the menu on the left)
  • type in the certificate ID in the text box (and press Enter!) or press the "Issued" button to display the desired certificates...
  • click on the certificate number in the list
  • type something in the "Revoke's Comment" field such as ("out") and click on the Revoke button.

When done, your certificate will be revoked by Comodo and added to their revokation list (CRL).