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How to retrieve personal certificate from the browser?

  • Chrome:
    • open the Chrome's parameters
    • below, click on the link "Show advanced parameters...";
    • scroll down to HTTPS/SSL section, and click on the button "Manage certificates";
    • in the certificate manager window, select "your certificate", and click on your certificate in the list;
    • click on the "Export..." button;
    • type in a filename to save your certificate as a PKCS#12 container file and click the "Save" button;
    • you now need to type in a password used to encrypt the PKCS#12 file; choose whatever you want and click "OK";
    • close the chrome's preference (click "OK" in the certificats manager's window)
  • Firefox:
    • Go to settings -> Options
    • Select Advanced -> View Certificates
    • Choose the tab your certificates and select Backup...
    • Continue, fill in a password and save location
  • Internet Explorer: